Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fans of M&S: Clear Out Your Wardrobe for Oxfam

Does any one have some spare Marks & Spencer clothes clogging up the wardrobe? Could you be bothered to pass along the M&S kit you don't care to wear anymore for a fiver?

Marks & Spencer is having a One Day Wardrobe Clear-out event this Thursday the 8th of September... commonly referred to as tomorrow, at time of writing....
The deal goes like this: If you have M&S clothes, accesories, etc. that you no longer wear, bag them and take them into the M&S store in Oxford centre, or to the nearest participating store if you're outside Oxford. Your old clothes that you've no time for anymore will then be handed on to the folks at Oxfam, they will then pass them onward to the folks who mingle in their stores (including yours truly, so pass on some good stuff!). Out of the whole shuffle, you'll receive a modest £5 gift voucher for M&S and will have contributed to Oxfam's endeavours!

You can find all the official info here.

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