Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Have a Design Project on the Go?

Here's a website with a great initiative that has just recently been launched as part of the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project. It's a place for people to showcase their current artistic projects.

Whether they're projects from fashion designers creating new garments, painters and illustrators filling voids on page, or interior designers causing problems for their land lord, it can be shown here!

It may be an idea to put your project in-the-works up on the site and get some feed-back from the community. If the feed-back doesn't interest you, there is always the chance that the industry experts working with the site will review your project and give it a popularity boost.

Monday, 27 June 2011

The First Thread

Welcome to one of the few fashion focused collaborative blogs on the web written by two Oxford bloggers with contrasting and completely unlimited perspectives of the fashion industry.

The Oxford Fashion Campus blog is sure to be something different and spark off conversations with its drive spiralling off this past year of Oxford Fashion Campus' successful Oxford and London fashion shows.

We want to build a free space on the net where you can comment on all that Oxford Fashion Campus is involved in, and if you're an aspiring designer or fashionista yourself we are here to fuel all your desires for all things fashion fabulous!

Speaking of designers... the five fashion shows produced by Oxford Fashion Campus last year have led to a myriad of glorious discoveries from up and coming designers based in fashion capitals all over the world as well as a little closer to home in the UK and Oxford.

We will keep you in the loop with the designers progress, along with coverage of their latest collections and work, and of course a general eye-keeping and commentary on the non-stop world of international fashion whether it be spectacular editorials, seasonal campaigns and collections aka everything fashion related that we are most obviously completely and utterly consumed by.

So, once more, let us say welcome to the group! Look forward to the avant garde and intriguing articles soon to be scattered across these here pages in the near future.

Oh, and don't forget to fill in your email on the right of the page to get new posts in your email, keep on top of Oxford Fashion Campus news, and to see what friends are saying about our flourishing designer's latest creations.

Stay in touch!

The Authors