Thursday, 21 July 2011

Autumn / Winter 2011 Ad Campaigns .

Summer seems to have barely got under way , but now its time to look forward to just a few of the campaigns gracing our glossies this forthcoming season . From etherial 70's floral goddess's at Cavalli , futuristic gothic at Balenciaga and feminine felines in photo booths at Chanel to name just a few .









Monday, 18 July 2011

Get some Colour, it's Summer!

Flourescent colours, flashy apparel, and BIG sunglasses to shield yourself from the incandescence these compositions cause seems to be the big pitch of the season.
The first three vibrant designs are from Jil Sanders (I could have included her entire S/S 2011 collection here!), followed by Prada, two elegant dresses from Alexander McQueen, and the incredible shoes and hand bag are from Miu Miu. I highly recomend having a look at Miu Miu's selection of shoes, they sum up the flamboyant qualities of this season's near neon style in a very unique and artistic way.
Locally, or relatively so... T Norman Designs handcrafts colourful scarves, ties, and the rest. Check out their site and support your local designers!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Men's Fashion Week Round-up: What Would you Wear?

With the menswear Spring/Summer fashions tucked away backstage, here's a selection of the styles carried at the recent Milan and Paris shows.
Tell us what you think of some of these sets. Would you wear any? Or if you're a lady, persuade you're man to try them on?

Louis Vuitton
Alexander Wang
5)6)Rick Owens
7)Alexander McQueen
8)All photos creative commons Dan Hwang

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

London Model Agencies: Doing the Footwork

So if you are an aspiring model you might just find yourself asking how, with the myriad of model agencies in London, is it possible to get around to them all in a timely fashion? Or which ones should I start with?

Here at Oxford Fashion Campus we've devised an itinerary that makes it possible to attend the open calls and walk-in windows for up to eight of London's male and female model agencies, all of which are members of the Association of Model Agents, within a single day.

Firstly, it's a good idea to review this map of the eight agencies you'll be attending. If you select an agency and choose 'street view' from the 'more' option list, it will show you the front entrance to the agency's office. Once you have an idea of where the agencies are situated on the map, the following is a full walk through of how to get to the agencies most efficiently:

OFC London Model Agency Guide

Sunday, 3 July 2011


The Fabulous 'Ethical Fashion Forum - Innovation Award Winner', Oxford based fashion designer Feng Ho, who's glorious draped jersey designs encompass sleek and chic femininity with modern fashion forward tailoring and geometric shapes. Using fabrics such as bamboo and soy as well as end of line textiles from British fabric merchants which are all completely sustainable sources ........saving the planet has never been so stylish!

Feng's skills in drapery are evident here, in this vibrant fuchsia dress as well as scoop and boat neck lines and handkerchief hems punctuating this collection. I personally have a passion for young designers who are skilled not only in a garments design but also in its execution another example of why she is an award winning success.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Car Park Style

While not necessarily at all related to fashion, I believe there is a lot to learn from this type of style.
The planner who decided to place a parking lot beneath the old ceiling probably annoyed hundreds or thousands of people who wanted the structure to be used for something more prestigious. However, at the same time, the architect likely created the most elegant car park in the world, and that is something unique to smile about on a CV.
There are several ideas here that could be replicated by fashion designers in their efforts to create something 'stylish', in all of its shape-shifting glory.
The old-meets-new is and, given the nature of time, probably always will be a secure base for any new creation. If the creation can be as radical as this parking lot then the old-meets-new template doesn't need to be as boring as it usually is.