Monday, 18 July 2011

Get some Colour, it's Summer!

Flourescent colours, flashy apparel, and BIG sunglasses to shield yourself from the incandescence these compositions cause seems to be the big pitch of the season.
The first three vibrant designs are from Jil Sanders (I could have included her entire S/S 2011 collection here!), followed by Prada, two elegant dresses from Alexander McQueen, and the incredible shoes and hand bag are from Miu Miu. I highly recomend having a look at Miu Miu's selection of shoes, they sum up the flamboyant qualities of this season's near neon style in a very unique and artistic way.
Locally, or relatively so... T Norman Designs handcrafts colourful scarves, ties, and the rest. Check out their site and support your local designers!

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